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What Makes ENVY Light Capsule The Best Light Therapy Bed?

Light therapy, which is also referred to as phototherapy, is a popular treatment option that can be used to treat a variety of physical and mental health conditions. When receiving light therapy, you will lie in a bed that will then emit light using specific wavelengths that can be used to provide support for any condition you are dealing with. When it comes to light therapy, you will have different options to consider. One light therapy bed that continues to be a great option is the ENVY light capsule. There are various reasons why this could be the best light therapy option for your situation.

Support for a Wide Range of Health Conditions

One of the benefits of using the ENVY light capsules for your phototherapy needs is that they can provide you with support for a wide range of different physical health conditions. There are various skin conditions and other physical challenges that can be treated with these light capsules. Some of these include anti-aging treatments, care to help get rid of acne and scarring, improving pigmentation, and helping with loose skin. This also can be a great way to get rid of general aches and pains you may experience.

Mental Health Improvement

The use of light therapy with the ENVY light capsules is also a great way to help improve various mental health conditions. A light therapy capsule from ENVY can be a great way to fight seasonal depression and reduce stress. The improvement of your physical appearance can also help you feel better and boost your mood.

Customized Service

When it comes to light therapy, no two people are going to have the same exact needs. When you use the ENVY light capsule beds, you can receive a service that is ideal for your situation. When coming in for this type of therapy, the technicians and therapy team will complete an evaluation to ensure you get what you need out of the therapy.

Relaxing and Efficient Treatment

You will also find that the use of light therapy can be a relaxing and efficient form of treatment to receive the benefits you want. Generally, each light wave treatment will take between 15 and 30 minutes. During this time, you will be able to lay down and close your eyes while you receive the benefits.

Those who are looking for a way to improve their skin and physical appearance or receive various mental health benefits should consider light wave therapy. This is a popular form of therapy that can offer various benefits. When considering this therapy, using the ENVY light capsule can be a great option as it will offer various benefits that will help ensure you are happy with the results.

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Red Light Therapy & Surgical Implants

If you like to keep up with the cutting edge of medical science, you may have already heard some remarkable things about red light therapy. The application of red light at specific wavelengths may promote stronger, firmer skin while also easing inflammation and boosting blood flow. If you’ve had surgical implants or plan to have them in the near future, take a look at how red light therapy could help you with those procedures as well.

Red Light Therapy and Joint Implants

Joint implants can restore your long-term mobility, but at the cost of pain and inflammation during the recovery process. Red light therapy can provide safe, drug-free relief from these issues. In 2018, a study of people who had received total hip replacements showed that red light therapy reduced their postoperative pain and inflammation. (A 2022 study of knee surgery patients showed similar results.)

Red Light Therapy and Pacemakers

If you suffer from a cardiac condition that requires a pacemaker, red light therapy may prove a valuable “partner” for that particular type of implant. Studies indicate that red light therapy can dilate blood vessels, improving circulation in a manner that resembles natural sun exposure. It can also support your immune response.

Red Light Therapy and Dental implants

Many dentist and oral surgeons have come to embrace ed light therapy as a tool to speed and optimize postoperative healing. In addition to easing the oral pain and swelling that typically accompany dental implant surgery, research on animals suggests that some forms of light therapy can help the dental implants integrate with surrounding bone, allowing for faster healing and better implant stability.

Red Light Therapy and Breast implants

Red light therapy won’t harm your breast implants — on the contrary, it might do them a lot of good. If you’ve recently undergone a breast replacement or augmentation, the red light can trigger tissue regrowth while controlling swelling and pain. Red light therapy may also help you avoid a complication called capsular contracture,a postoperative reaction in which internal scarring leads to breast stiffness or hardness. The red light ‘s ability to reduce oxidative damage and assist in cellular repair may prevent or minimize the formation of scar tissue around the implant.

Discover the Benefits of the Envy Light Capsule

If you’d like to experience the full benefits of red light therapy on your surgical implants, seek out a healthcare provider equipped with our Envy Red Light Capsule. Its comprehensive array of top and bottom LED lights can envelop your whole body with soothing, healing red light simultaneously. With over 1,200 providers nationwide, you’re sure to find one near you!

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Helping Postpartum Depression With Red Light Therapy

One of the greatest joys in life is getting birth to a child. It can change your world instantly, but there are a lot of women who deal with postpartum depression. Immediately after giving birth, your body has to normalize its hormones after months of supporting an unborn child. This can derail your mental health, leading to postpartum depression. It is important to remember that you are not alone, and reaching out to a mental health professional can help you manage your mood swings. Furthermore, red light therapy could play a critical role in your treatment plan.

What do you need to know about the relationship between postpartum depression and red light therapy?

Postpartum Depression Is Very Common

First, postpartum depression is more common than many people realize. There are different forms of postpartum depression, including postpartum blues and postpartum psychosis. According to information published by the Annals of General Psychiatry, it has been estimated that between 10 and 15 percent of new mothers experience postpartum depression every year.

Some of the most common signs of postpartum depression include:

  • You have lost an interest in activities that used to bring you great joy.
  • You may have a lack of energy during the day.
  • You might find that you are sleeping significantly more or significantly less than you used to.
  • You have suffered significant changes in your appetite.
  • You don’t have a lot of interest in taking care of your new baby.
  • You feel like you are crying for no reason.

If you experience any of these symptoms, you should reach out to a medical professional as quickly as possible.

Red Light Therapy Can Help Mothers Treat Postpartum Depression

It is important to take a well-rounded approach to the treatment of postpartum depression, and red light therapy can be helpful. Red light therapy can improve your biological clock, activate serotonin circuitry throughout your brain, contribute to stable sleep patterns, and provide you with additional light exposure if you spend a lot of time indoors. By targeting multiple components of your health at the same time, red light therapy could help you recover from postpartum depression.

Get the Most Out of Your Postpartum Red Light Therapy With ENVY Light Capsule

If you want to get the most out of red light therapy, it would be our pleasure to help you. We are ENVY Light Capsule, and we are proud to be one of the most trusted names in our field. We can work with you to make sure your needs are met, so contact us today to speak to a member of our team! Let us help you get the most out of red light therapy.

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Combining Red Light Therapy With Other Treatments

Red Light Therapy is a specialized treatment also known as photobiomodulation therapy (PBMT). Red Light Therapy is considered a non-invasive and pain-free approach to treating various conditions, including inflammation and pain reduction. From supporting muscle recovery to treating the development of cellulite, RLT offers many reasons for patients to get excited.

Now a premier service offered at top-of-the-line spas and wellness clinics, red light therapy is being pushed even further to provide exceptional results when combined with other treatment options.

Today, we are going to explore the benefits of red light therapy when combined with other therapeutic approaches.

Understanding Red Light Therapy

The team at Envy Light Capsule has developed a piece of proprietary multi-zone encapsulation technology that works to deliver the patented LED therapy protocols directly to patients. Utilizing low red wavelengths directed at the skin, Red Light Therapy is said to reduce wrinkles and acne while addressing inflammation and pain relief.

Red light therapy can be used for skin health to

  • Stimulate Collagen Production
  • Increase Blood Circulation
  • Reduced Inflammation in Cells
  • Reduce Wrinkles, Stretch Marks, and Age Spots.
  • Treat Psoriasis, Eczema, and Rosacea

Mixing Red Light Therapy With Other Treatments

While impressive when used on its own through the Envy Light Capsule system, Red Light Therapy can be combined with other treatments to provide even more impressive results.

Exercise & Diet

Professional athletes and individual competitors are turning to red light therapy as a form of exercise and nutrition support. By combining a rigorous physical fitness routine with regular red light therapy, individuals are working to reduce muscle fatigue while improving their overall performance. Red Light Therapy can even be used to reduce the appearance of cellulite in particularly problematic areas, such as the hips and waist.

Utilizing Red Light Therapy as a training companion can benefit athletes in several ways including:

  • Visibly Reduced Cellulite
  • Quicker Recovery From Injury
  • Potentially Prevent Injuries During Competition

The use of photobiomodulation in combination with exercise can work to improve the overall appearance and texture of your skin, combining wonderfully with a well-rounded diet and fitness routine.

Skin Care Routine

Red Light Therapy through products such as the Envy Light Capsule can lead to real results when it comes to treating your skin. Red light therapy can work to repair and fix sun-damaged skin while also combining with other techniques to address scarring, wrinkles, fine lines, and even hyperpigmentation.

Red Light Therapy guides specific light waves toward your skin to stimulate the natural healing process. Through Red Light Therapy, you will notice increased production of elastic and collagen, a pair of skin-supporting fibers. Boosted collagen levels will improve the texture and firmness of your skin.

Red Light Therapy can be used in conjunction with anti-aging creams, exfoliating products, and electric massagers.

Self Care Routine

For some people, Red Light Therapy can make a great champion for improved dieting efforts. If you are taking dietary steps to reduce inflammation in your body, look to boost your intake of fruits and vegetables due to the presence of omega-3 fatty acids.

When paired with a comfortable and healthy sleeping routine, Red Light Therapy can optimize your body’s natural benefits. PBMT excels alongside hygienic practices, restful environments, and adherence to a strict and healthy diet.

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Red Light Therapy for Healthy Aging

As we get older, we tend to focus on the visible signs of aging like gray hair, liver spots, and frown lines. However, we rarely pause to think about what is happening to our body at the cellular level. In this article, we take a closer look at the root cause of aging and how red light therapy can help you live a longer, healthier life.

Why Do We Age?

Our body consists of more than 37 trillion cells1. When one of these cells dies or is damaged, it is replaced through a process called cell division. Unfortunately, our cells become less adept at replication over time. Some of these old cells die (a process called apoptosis) while others live on. Those that live on are referred to as senescent cells.

Compared to normal cells, senescent cells contain more fatty acids in their membranes. This affects their ability to absorb nutrients2. These cells also struggle to break down waste, process protein, and, most importantly, multiply3.

The reduced functionality of senescent cells causes disease, muscle and memory loss, reduced cardiovascular function, wrinkling, and other tell-tale signs of aging.

How Mitochondria Affect Our Cells

Mitochondria are referred to as the “powerhouse of the cell” because they generate adenosine triphosphate (ATP)—the energy that cells need to function. When cells are young and healthy, mitochondria produce ATP very efficiently4.

However, as we age, mitochondria become sluggish. During ATP synthesis, they begin to release more and more free radicals (a type of unstable molecule). These free radicals damage other molecules, like DNA and proteins, which contributes to aging5.

How Does ENVY Support Our Mitochondria?

Mitochondrial dysfunction is associated with numerous pathologies, from cancer to cardiovascular disease6. Fortunately, there is a simple solution that supports mitochondrial health while helping you live a longer, healthier life: ENVY red light therapy.

The first whole-body light therapy treatment of its kind, the ENVY Light Capsule works by exposing tissue to red and near-infrared low-level light. This exposure improves mitochondrial function by reversing oxidative stress caused by free radicals7. It also improves cellular signaling. As a result, you will look and feel more youthful.

Benefits of ENVY Red Light Therapy for Healthy Aging

The benefits of red light therapy are backed by numerous peer-reviewed studies. In one such study, Dr. Michael Hamblin of Harvard Medical School raves about the “remarkable range of medical benefits” provided by red light therapy, also referred to as photobiomodulation8.

“Chronic diseases of the modern age involving systemic inflammation such as type II diabetes, obesity, Alzheimer’s disease, cardiovascular disease, and endothelial dysfunction are again worth investigating in the context of photobiomodulation.”  — Dr. Michael Hamblin, Harvard Medical School

Blood Flow and Circulation

Poor blood circulation can deprive the body of oxygen, causing issues like sore muscles, pale skin pigmentation, numbness, and even blood clots9. Red light therapy can mitigate these problems by substantially increasing blood flow after treatment sessions. This ensures that all of your tissues are properly oxygenated.

Inflammation and Pain Relief

Nearly 20 percent of Americans live with chronic pain—a condition that can severely compromise quality of life10. Fortunately, ENVY red light therapy is scientifically proven to alleviate chronic inflammation and pain. In fact, according to one study, the most profound benefit of red light therapy is “anti-inflammatory action8.”

Muscle Recovery

After an intense workout, your muscle cells require loads of energy to recover. You can speed the process along by improving mitochondrial function with ENVY red light therapy. When you utilize our clinically-proven technology, you will reduce inflammation and muscle soreness while boosting future performance11.

Hormonal Support

Hormones are your body’s chemical messengers. Produced in your endocrine glands, they affect a range of the body’s functions. When these hormones are imbalanced, you may experience any number of conditions, from hypothyroidism to diabetes. Luckily, scientific studies show that light-emitting diodes can improve hormone balance12.

Skin Health

Red light therapy can give your skin a healthy, youthful glow by promoting collagen and elastin formation. This reduces stubborn wrinkles like forehead lines, crow’s feet, and bunnies. ENVY red light therapy can also restore skin tone and texture. As a result, you will look younger, healthier, and happier for years to come.

Conclusion: ENVY Can Help You Feel Better and Look Younger

You cannot slow the aging process with topical creams or serums. Instead, you must address it at its source: cellular deterioration. ENVY red light therapy can help you do just that by improving mitochondrial functioning, allowing your cells to function at an entirely different caliber.

To see how ENVY red light therapy has transformed the lives of other men and women, view our results photos.

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What Red Light Therapy Can Do For Your Bone Health

As you get older, it is critical for you to take care of your bones. Growing up, you were probably told to drink plenty of milk to make sure your bones had the necessary calcium to grow up big and strong. Unfortunately, your bone mass tends to peak by the age of 30. This means that once you reach this age, the density of your bones will gradually begin to drop. Eventually, you could be at risk of developing a condition called osteoporosis, which could make you vulnerable to bone fractures. Now, red light therapy could help you reduce your chances of developing osteoporosis by protecting the health of your bones.

The Risk Factors for Osteoporosis

First, it is important to understand who is at risk of osteoporosis. Even though this is a condition that can impact anybody, there are some people who are more at risk of developing osteoporosis than others. Some of the biggest risk factors include:

  • Individuals with a family history of close relatives who have developed osteoporosis.
  • Those who had early menopause.
  • Individuals who take certain medications that could cause their bones to get weaker.
  • People who spend a lot of time in bed or who do not exercise very much.
  • Individuals who smoke or drink excessively.

Regardless of your risk factors, you must take care of your bones, and red light therapy can help you.

Red Light Therapy Can Protect the Health of Your Bones

Now, emerging research is indicating that red light therapy can help you strengthen your bones. The theory is that red light, which is very similar to infrared light, can stimulate energy production in your bone cells. Therefore, the cells in your bones could support the healing process when they are exposed to specific types of light. For example, collagen production could increase, bone cell development can quicken, and your bones may heal more quickly, which can reduce your chances of developing bone fractures in the future. You must work with experts if you want to get the most out of this treatment option.

Contact ENVY Light Capsule to Protect Your Bone Health as You Get Older

Red light therapy has become more popular, and it is critical for you to work with a professional who can help you. If you want to maximize the benefits of red light therapy, it would be our pleasure to help you. We are ENVY Light Capsule, and we provide you with access to a team of experts who are well-versed in the latest treatment options regarding red light therapy. We offer an exceptional capsule that can protect your bone health, so give us a call today to speak to a member of our team.

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How Often Should I Be Using A Red Light Therapy Bed?

If you suffer from chronic pain, joint conditions, or long-term skin conditions, you may have heard that red light therapy can be helpful. A red light therapy bed can be customized to meet your needs, and it is believed to stimulate energy production within your cells. At the same time, how often should you be using a red light therapy bed? Some people only use red light therapy once per month, while other people might use it several times per week. It depends on the reason why you are using your red light therapy bed.

How Long Should Your Sessions Be?

Before exploring the frequency of your sessions, it is critical to take a closer look at how long your sessions should be. If you are trying a red light therapy bed for the first time, you should start low and go slow. For example, you may only want to stay in the bed for approximately 10 minutes during your first session.

Then, once you figure out how your body responds to red light therapy, you can increase the length of your sessions, if needed. If you feel like you aren’t seeing a significant difference, you may want to increase the length of your sessions to 15 to 20 minutes. Keep in mind that it may take a few months for you to see a significant difference in your overall health.

What About Specific Conditions?

Once you figure out how long you should stay in the bed, how frequently should you use it? There are several common reasons why people use red light therapy. They include:

  • Chronic Skin Conditions: Some people use red light therapy to slow signs of aging and heal sun damage. In this situation, you should use a red light therapy bed a few times per week for one to four months. Red light therapy could increase the production of collagen, which can give your skin the elasticity you are looking for.
  • Muscle Aches and Pains: If you are someone who suffers from recurrent muscle aches and pains, red light therapy can be helpful. You may want to use red light therapy immediately before your exercise session to get your muscles warmed up. On the other hand, you may find it beneficial to use red light therapy for 10 to 15 minutes after your exercise sessions to enhance recovery.
  • Arthritis and Joint Pain: If you suffer from joint pain, you may want to use red light therapy twice per day to alleviate joint stiffness and soreness. You may want to go with shorter, more frequent sessions.

If you have questions about how frequently you should use red light therapy, reach out to a professional who can help you.

Trust Envy Light Capsule for Red Light Therapy

If you want to get the most out of your red light therapy, we can help you. We are Envy Light Capsule, and we are proud to provide you with some of the best red light therapy capsules in the industry. Contact us today to speak to a member of our team!

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Red Light Therapy & Thyroid Health

The thyroid gland is highly important to many of the body’s functions. It regulates the metabolism as well as the body’s temperature and the speed of your heartbeat. The thyroid makes two hormones, and the pituitary gland lets the thyroid know how much of them to make. The importance of the thyroid gland makes it vital for this gland to work correctly.

The Importance of the Thyroid Gland

Today, it’s common for people to have thyroid problems. In the U.S., about 20 million people have thyroid disease to some degree. When this happens, it means that the thyroid is releasing too little of its hormones or too much of it. These problems can cause a lot of trouble for many of the body’s functions. Thyroid problems can wreak havoc on the body because the hormone secreted by this gland is called the master hormone for all that it does.

Thyroid problems are more common in men, but both men and women can develop them. Thyroid hormones push energy production in the mitochondria. The gland can be influenced by living an unhealthy lifestyle. Patients can help their condition by eating a healthy diet and getting exercise. Using red light therapy can also help.

Using Red Light Therapy

Red light therapy is a safe and effective way to help the health of the thyroid. In a study from the Journal of Clinical Medicine, red light therapy was used on patients by applying it to the neck every day for four months. The therapy was determined to be a safe one. Other studies have found that it can have a positive effect on a patient’s thyroid function.

Light that is near infra-red has been used and studied to help the thyroid of patients work more effectively. This light is used to treat the thyroid because it is able to get more deeply under the skin than other light wavelengths. When this therapy was used on patients, it was found to give the patient more energy, and it improved their circulation. It was found to improve the function of the thyroid so that the balance of hormones and other chemicals is more favorable in the body. When red light therapy is used for the correct duration, it can increase the availability of energy in the body and prompt the thyroid to be healthier. It can help to suppress cells that are negative and stress related and encourage new production of cellular energy.

If you are interested in trying red light therapy, there is the Envy Light Capsule to provide this valuable treatment.

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How Full Body Red & Infrared Light Therapy Can Help With Healing

Full-body red and infrared light therapy have become a central talking point among medical professionals in recent years. Companies like Lightwave Therapy have become integral in normalizing some of the health benefits that red, infrared, and blue light therapy can provide. A fascinating and rapidly popularizing form of physical relief, let’s take a closer look at how full-body red and infrared light therapy works and can help you on your healing journey.

What Is Fully Body Red & Infrared Light Therapy?

Utilizing light to treat the human body isn’t a new concept, but that doesn’t mean that we are all familiar with red and near-infrared therapy. Photobiomodulation or Red and Infrared therapy is a light-based healing method that seeks to target pain and inflammation throughout the body.

Not to be confused with ultraviolet light, which can cause skin damage; photobiomodulation is a non-thermal therapy that can safely deliver potential healing benefits to the site of the inflammation or injury – thus promoting repair while increasing the production of new cellular energy or ATP. This process is fueled by the mitochondria, the powerhouse of the cell.

The key to infrared and red-light therapy is in its ability to safely penetrate deeply into the skin, providing therapeutic changes in a non-invasive, natural, and painless way. It is easy to see why companies like Lightwave Therapy have turned their customers toward the Envy Light Capsule to enjoy a healthier lifestyle and healing relief in a number of areas.

Promoting Healing: How IR Light Therapy Can Help!

Systems like the Envy Light Capsule are effective at delivering targeted assistance through full body red and infrared light therapy. These light based systems help individuals address a range of concerns including acute and chronic pain, soft tissue damage, inflammation, flaccid skin and conditions such as alopecia.

Let’s take a closer look at the ways that photobiomodulation or light therapy can promote healing and symptomatic relief from a range of concerns.

  • Skin Conditions – Red light therapy is often used to stimulate the production of cells tied to collagen protein production. Collagen helps to naturally tighten and lift the skin, which can, in turn, reduce wrinkles. Sun damage and inflammatory acne are also targeted through this method of regeneration.
  • Pain Management and Wound Healing – While there is still much to do in the way of pain management clinical research, many studies confirm the benefits of utilizing light therapy to reduce pain caused by inflammation and stimulate the regeneration of damaged tissue.
  • Inflammation – Red and infrared light can spur the production of antioxidants, which can reduce inflammation in our system. This therapeutic technique can thus potentially relieve individuals with osteoarthritis, tendinitis, and even carpal tunnel syndrome.

To learn more about photobiomodulation or light therapy and its healing benefits, consult with the team at Lightwave Therapy to learn more about their Envy Light Capsule and its corresponding technology.

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How Full-body Red & Infrared Light Therapy Can Benefit Your Sleep Cycle, Stress, & Energy

Red light therapy is a specialized therapeutic technique that introduces individuals to red light via low-frequency wavelengths. Traditionally done through a lamp, laser, or handheld device, red light therapy is being increasingly turned to as a way to address better sleep as well as stress and energy management.

Before we delve too deeply into the world of red and infrared light therapy, let’s take a closer look at how the processes work and the functional benefits that they can provide.

Understanding Red Light Therapy

The team at LIGHTWAVE Therapy with the Envy Light Capsule specializes in providing professionals with a full body and facial rejuvenation system that provides clinical results. As explained by Michael J. Breus, Ph.D. and Fellow of the American Academy of Sleep Medicine, “Red light therapy is when a particular frequency of light is exposed to the eye or body.”

While Dr. Breus may offer substantial benefits regarding red light therapy, he makes it very clear that this is something different from a traditional red light bulb. A red lightbulb may create a certain type of ambiance but it won’t actually emit the lightwaves required to have an impact on our sleep patterns and energy production.

Health Benefits & Red Light Therapy

Research into the efficacy of red light therapy continues to be ongoing as it has shown significant therapeutic benefits in multiple areas. At the time of this writing, research suggests that red light therapy can positively benefit individuals in a number of key areas including:

  • Pain Relief
  • Inflammation Reduction
  • Improved Overall Complexion
  • Wrinkle Reduction

Benefits of red light therapy come from a cellular level where a biochemical effect is shown to be prevalent. Red light therapy targets the mitochondria of the cell, the location where cell energy is created.

Can Red Light Energy Promote Sleep Improvements?

While there is still much in the way of research, red light therapy is presently thought to improve sleep. Red light waves are said to stimulate the production of melatonin, which is a hormone integral to sleep. The Journal of Athletic Training (2012) highlighted the benefits of red light therapy in a controlled study of 20 female athletes over a period of two weeks. The study showed that the group with red light therapy produced higher levels of melatonin, which produced increased overall levels of endurance during competition.

To enjoy the benefits of red light therapy, consistency and delivery is going to be the key. Through the regular use of red light therapy, practitioners like Kristin Weitzel believe that additional benefits are on the way. A key to proper red light uptake is in the frequency and delivery of the therapy. The type of light system being utilized can make all the difference. Are you just shining red light on the body or are you stimulating a biochemical reaction within the cells?

The team at Envy Light Capsule can help you explore the therapeutic benefits of red light therapy. Contact their team today for a quote and consultation on the Lightwave Envy Light Capsule!

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