Red Light Therapy & Surgical Implants

If you like to keep up with the cutting edge of medical science, you may have already heard some remarkable things about red light therapy. The application of red light at specific wavelengths may promote stronger, firmer skin while also easing inflammation and boosting blood flow. If you’ve had surgical implants or plan to have them in the near future, take a look at how red light therapy could help you with those procedures as well.

Red Light Therapy and Joint Implants

Joint implants can restore your long-term mobility, but at the cost of pain and inflammation during the recovery process. Red light therapy can provide safe, drug-free relief from these issues. In 2018, a study of people who had received total hip replacements showed that red light therapy reduced their postoperative pain and inflammation. (A 2022 study of knee surgery patients showed similar results.)

Red Light Therapy and Pacemakers

If you suffer from a cardiac condition that requires a pacemaker, red light therapy may prove a valuable “partner” for that particular type of implant. Studies indicate that red light therapy can dilate blood vessels, improving circulation in a manner that resembles natural sun exposure. It can also support your immune response.

Red Light Therapy and Dental implants

Many dentist and oral surgeons have come to embrace ed light therapy as a tool to speed and optimize postoperative healing. In addition to easing the oral pain and swelling that typically accompany dental implant surgery, research on animals suggests that some forms of light therapy can help the dental implants integrate with surrounding bone, allowing for faster healing and better implant stability.

Red Light Therapy and Breast implants

Red light therapy won’t harm your breast implants — on the contrary, it might do them a lot of good. If you’ve recently undergone a breast replacement or augmentation, the red light can trigger tissue regrowth while controlling swelling and pain. Red light therapy may also help you avoid a complication called capsular contracture,a postoperative reaction in which internal scarring leads to breast stiffness or hardness. The red light ‘s ability to reduce oxidative damage and assist in cellular repair may prevent or minimize the formation of scar tissue around the implant.

Discover the Benefits of the Envy Light Capsule

If you’d like to experience the full benefits of red light therapy on your surgical implants, seek out a healthcare provider equipped with our Envy Red Light Capsule. Its comprehensive array of top and bottom LED lights can envelop your whole body with soothing, healing red light simultaneously. With over 1,200 providers nationwide, you’re sure to find one near you!

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