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Combatting Inflammation With Red Light Therapy

The lymphatic system is a network of more than 800 lymph nodes in your body. These lymph nodes are integral in filtering and removing all of the unwanted and potentially dangerous pathogens that enter our bodies.

As one of the root causes of most major chronic health conditions, inflammation can progress through a variety of factors including poor diet, excess stress, and even exposure to toxins. When your lymph nodes are working, they begin to seal before resolving – showing that your body is fighting an infection, viral agent, or bacterial agent.

Understanding how important our lymphatic health is to our body and its day-to-day functions, we should endeavor to do everything in our power to reduce inflammation and inflammation-related diseases. This is possible through something known as Red Light Therapy, offered by Envy Light Capsule.

What Is Red Light Therapy?

Red Light Therapy (RLT) targets your body’s inflammatory response as it moves fluid from tissues to areas that have become inflamed due to a viral or bacterial infection. Red light can then be used to penetrate the surface of our skin whereupon it can provide our cells with the energy it needs to increase its ATP production. Numerous clinical trials have shown a relationship between RLT and the increase in the natural antioxidant response of the human body.

Red light therapy can help directly address many of the common indoor pollutants in our houses and homes. From formaldehyde to bacterial agents absorbed through the air, you’ll want to know that your inflammatory system is working effectively.

When not addressed, toxins can be absorbed into the body to cause damage to our lymphatic health. When there is no movement from the lymphatic system due to toxicity or poor cell communication, inflammation can increase as a result. The cause of most inflammation can be difficult to ascertain, but with Red Light Therapy it is possible to aid the detoxing effect while targeting unwanted toxins in the body.

Benefits of Red Light Therapy

While Red Light Therapy is still considered an emerging treatment, it has come a long way in the days since it was introduced to the industry. Red Light Therapy is now commonly used to help reduce wrinkles, the appearance of scars, as well as both redness and acne. Commonly touted as a way to address other conditions, ongoing research continues to this day.

There is a range of actionable benefits that Red Light Therapy can help to manifest. Here are a few ways that Red Light Therapy can boost the immune response of your body while helping your overall appearance.

  • Reduce Lines & Wrinkles – From age spots to fine lines as well as wrinkles, Red Light Therapy can help to target some of the most enduring and common skin conditions.
  • Address Skin Conditions – From rosacea to eczema, Red Light Therapy has been turned to address many common skin conditions.
  • Stimulate Collagen Production – Your skin needs its structure and elasticity to remain strong, so enjoy the collagen-stimulating benefits of Red Light Therapy.

To learn more about Red Light Therapy, contact the team at Envy Light Capsule!

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