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Red Light Therapy For Tennis & Golf Elbow

While there are many conditions that cause elbow pain, two of the most common are tennis and golf elbow. Both of these conditions occur from the tendons in the forearm and elbow are overloaded, typically from repetitive motion. While these conditions are named after particular athletes, not only athletes, have these conditions. These conditions cause pain, make it difficult to grip or hold on to items.

What are the Common Causes of these conditions?

Both tennis elbow and golfer’s elbow are caused by stress or damage to the tendons in the forearm. Some things that may cause this condition are improper form playing tennis, repetitive and forceful movements, poor conditioning, and not enough warm-up. Your age, occupation, your lifestyle, and playing sports may also put you are at risk for either of these conditions.

What are the Symptoms?

Some common symptoms of tennis elbow include pain and weakness going from your elbow to your wrist. You may also experience difficulty with your grip or shaking hands, turning a knob, or holding items.

Some common symptoms of a golfer’s elbow include pain, tenderness, and stiffness on the inside of the elbow extending down the forearm. You may also experience tingling or numbness in some of your fingers.

What is Red Light Therapy?

Some good news about these conditions is they can be temporary if you pay attention to the pay and it is diagnosed early. In addition, red light therapy has been shown to have tremendous benefits to the healing process and time of these conditions.

Red light therapy is exposing your skin to a red light laser. The mitochondria in your cells soak up the red light and use it to make more energy. This energy helps the cells repair and become healthier. This extra energy can encourage healing of the tissue and skin. This treatment uses low levels of heat and does not burn your skin. Envy Light Capsule offers superior access to red light laser in their innovative capsule. This capsule provides multi-zone technology to the entire body. As a result, it can target specific areas quickly.

How Can it Help?

Envy Light Capsule is a professional grade light therapy bed to provide the most flexible features on the market. It has 24k StimLED diodes to provide optimal healing quickly. This type of therapy is non-invasive and fast-acting. It helps to reduce pain, inflammation and restores range of motion. It can also help to restore the physical functioning of the arm. Red light therapy is an effective and safe treatment of these conditions. Most importantly, this treatment does not cause any additional pain.

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Light Therapy for Pain Management

Struggling With Pain? Consider Light Therapy

If you struggle with chronic pain, you’re not alone — an estimated 20.5 percent of the U.S. population suffer from this potentially devastating issue. While drugs can help mask that pain, they may do nothing to resolve the illness or injury actually responsible for the pain. Fortunately, you can pursue another, more effective treatment option known as light therapy.

Understanding How Light Therapy Works

Light therapy involves the application of red light energy to the skin through the use of a manual LED wand, full-body treatment bed, or other such instrument. The red light emitted by the LEDs penetrates the skin to tissues just underneath. At this tissue depth, the light energy appears to boost the performance of mitochondria, the cellular “organs” that produce fuel for cellular repair and rejuvenation. Armed with this extra help, your tissues can now regenerate injured or ailing cells more efficiently, relieving you of the pain associated with such problems. Researchers refer to this healing technique as photobiomodulation.

Light therapy can ease your pain in other ways as well. Even while your cells get a welcome regenerative boost, the light energy directs more blood flow to the parts of your body that may need it. This circulatory enhancement helps tissue expel waste products and inflammatory substances that contribute to pain.

Promising Results for Many Painful Conditions

Red light therapy has shown remarkable versatility as a tool for fighting many kinds of chronic pain. For instance, different studies have found red light therapy more effective than a placebo in the treatment of back and neck pain. Another study found that red light therapy could cut osteoarthritis pain by more than 50 percent. Red light therapy has also demonstrated some ability to relieve the agony of Achilles tendinitis.

You may even find that red light therapy can ease a painful problem often left for dentists to treat as best they can. If you suffer from the stiffness, pain, and other trademark symptoms of TMJ, you should know that studies have shown red light therapy effective at reducing these dental discomforts.

As amazing as red light therapy can prove for pain, it also holds other important therapeutic potential. For example, red light therapy may improve skin appearance and combat alopecia (hair loss).

The Full-Body Approach to Light Therapy for Pain Relief

Whether you need pain relief in one specific site or relief from systemic chronic pain conditions, you can get the relief you seek from Lightwave’s ENVY Light Capsule. This full-body red light therapy instrument can perform targeted and full-body treatment simultaneously, giving you the maximum benefit from this safe, non-invasive technology. Contact us to learn more.


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