How Light Therapy Can Help Aging and Damaged Skin

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The skin care community is constantly making advancements in the products they use to help individuals fight the visible effects of aging and reverse damages to the skin from sun exposure and more, which can speed up the aging process. Light therapy is one of the latest advances to use the power of light to help you achieve the younger look you want. This aesthetic therapy promotes health and healing in the skin so you can stay looking younger.

How Does Light Therapy Work?

Light therapy uses photostimulation to apply pure, beneficial red or infra-red light directly to the skin, using a low powered LED light. It won’t damage the skin or cause a thermal increase, like laser therapy and intense pulsed light. Your skin cells convert this light, which falls outside the damaging UV spectrum, into cellular energy your skin can use to heal faster and more effectively. This energy stimulates collagen and elastin production, increases blood flow, improves cellular nutrient intake and removes excess fluids and waste from the cells themselves. Treatments typically take around 20 minutes and are non-invasive.

Red Light Therapy

Red light therapy is primarily responsible for boosting collagen and elastin production in your skin cells to revitalized aging skin, greatly reducing fine lines and wrinkles that can make you look older. This process is completed by improving hydration in the cells, stimulating blood flow to the treated area and removing toxins that may be trapped between the layers of your skin. It naturally improves the skin’s tone and texture for younger, healthier looking skin. It has also been found to repair problems areas like sun spots and other sun damage that can have an aging effect on the skin. In addition, red light therapy stimulates lymphatic drainage to restore skin tone and give you a more youthful appearance.

Infra-Red Light Therapy

Infra-red light therapy is a more intense treatment, though it is still safe and doesn’t damage the skin. This treatment goes deeper into the skin, providing you with additional healing elements that can help reverse the signs of aging. It increases cell permeability, which stimulates cellular pH equilibrium, improves nutrient absorption and eliminates waste byproducts. It reduces inflammation and promotes better healing.

Infuse Your Skin with Nutrients

In order to maximize the positive effects of light therapy for your skin, many offices use the treatment in combination with a topical ointment to infuse your skin with the nutrients it needs to fight the signs of aging. The skin’s primary job is to protect the organs in your body from the outside elements, but as a barrier, it can often be its own worst enemy when it comes to getting the proper nutrients. Using over-the-counter skin care ointments and other treatments often sit on the surface of the skin and don’t permeate deep enough to have a lasting effect. While the surface of your skin may be smoother and younger-looking, the layers deeper down don’t see the same benefits. However, when using the right topical treatment in conjunction with light therapy, you introduce these same beneficial ingredients deeper into the skin for a better overall effect. Even ingredients with larger molecule sizes effectively reach the deeper layers so you can enjoy younger looking skin for longer.

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