ABI Skin Care

LIGHTWAVE is please to recommend ABI Skin Care as it preferred partner for skin care. www.ABISkinCare.com.



ABI Skin Care believes that beautiful, healthy skin starts with effective skin care products and practices in the clinic, as well as at home.

ABI skin care regimens were created with this philosophy in mind, offering easy to implement protocols for a total inside and outside approach to skin care.

As we age, our skin begins to change. For many individuals, we start to experience acne and other skin issues for the very first time. We also start to battle the effects of aging – fine lines and wrinkles appear, color diminishes, and the skins overall appearance becomes sluggish and splotchy.

To address the many needs of our ever changing skin, ABI Dermaceuticals has developed several exclusive Power Pure™formulations. This Power Pure™ technology ensures our scientifically developed light based skin care products contain the highest recommended level of specific active ingredients while banning questionable ingredients from our formulations.ABIgroup_380-300

All of our Power Pure™ products are:

  • Paraben Free
  • Free of Artificial Fragrances
  • Free of Harmful Dyes or Synthetic Coloring
  • Free of harsh Sodium Lauryl Sulfates (SLS)

Our clinical strength pre/post care kits and products assist physicians and estheticians in significantly boosting the quality of results achieved from light based treatments such as LED, IPL and laser. ABI Dermaceuticals light-based formulations properly preparing the skin for clinical treatments by first clearing away the stratum corneum, which allows for better penetration of photon energy.

ABI-Cards_ALL_600Once the photons have been absorbed, our powerful treatment products quickly and effectively replenish and rebuild the skin matrix by stimulating the cellular repair process with proven cell signaling and wound healing ingredients. By successfully reducing inflammation, skin irritation and reactive oxygen species (ROS) within the skin, we can aggressively combat the signs of aging and drastically improve skin’s intercellular structure which is key in maintaining healthy, hydrated skin.  Daily use of ABI Dermaceuticals  Power Pure™ topicals ensures that the health of your skin can be maintained for years to come.
Clearly, the best possible results are achieved when LIGHTWAVE and ABI Dermaceuticals are used in conjunction with one another; stimulating cellular changes to take place deep within the body with light therapy as well as near the surface of the skin with ABI Dermaceuticals. As a result of creating such a powerful, effective skin care line, ABI Dermaceuticals is now being offered as a stand alone rejuvenation option and is also being paired with more aggressive clinical procedures.

ABI Dermaceuticals has the most effective, result-oriented professional treatments available as well as the purest quality retail products for daily use; making ABI Dermaceuticals a must have for any treatment center serious about skin care.